There are many orphans in DR Congo.

Families in DR Congo average 9 children as there are few contraceptives. In first world countries 90 + years ago our grandmothers and great grandmothers all averaged 9 – 15 children. If the parents die then there are many orphans from one family.

  1. During the “Africa war” of 1996 – 2004 many young children and babies survived the massacres where their parents and families all died. They are now orphaned young adults.
  2. In 2013 Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi rebels and soldiers came across this border region of South Kivu and North Kivu and many thousands of people were killed yet again. From these massacres many babies and children survived.
  3. In the village of Sange a diesel tanker rolled and the diesel was spilling onto the ground. People gathered the diesel in pots and drums, however, a tragedy unfolded when the diesel ignited and over 300 people in the one village were incinerated. For every couple there are often 5 -9 children so there were many orphans. MHCD established a school and orphanage in Sange.
  4. In a subtropical country there are many diseases that are terminal which in a first world country are of minor concern. The infection from an abcessed tooth can kill a person in DRC as there are no dentists. Many adults and children require regular medication for minor illnesses. For the poor in DRC they have no money so people die from preventable diseases and illnesses. Malaria is easily and inexpensively treatable however if left untreated can progress to encephalitis and epileptic seizures in children and death. Earning less than $1 per day limits the care available to most people. Many mothers still die in childbirth leaving a baby with siblings behind. Many general health issues that are treatable like high blood pressure, anaemia and diabetes are deadly in remote communities. When an adult dies they leave children to survive in a system that does not have the capacity to look after its vulnerable. MHCD actively tries to look after the vulnerable orphans.

The philosophy of MHCD

There are many orphans in DR Congo.

The philosophy of MHCD is that everyone should have the right to learn and get a career to support themselves. Education is everything for a healthy future.
Primary Schools: There are many orphans in every community who are in need of an education. It costs on average $100 per month for their teacher’s wages in each community. MHCD currently supports 7 orphanages.
Secondary polytechnic high school: Has over 600 orphans attending. It costs Aus$20 per student per month to be able to pay teachers wages. For $240 an orphaned student can be sponsored for a year with clothes and school bag or pay $20 for 1 month of schooling.
Midwifery students need specialised teachers from Bukavu so their fees are $700 per year. This enables transport and wages to be paid for the teachers. This is about $60/month.
University medical, agronomy and IT students also need specialised teachers from Bukavu so their fees are $700 per year for the teachers transport and wages. This is about $60/month.
Microcredit programs: In remote communities MHCD has started microcredit programs which many of our supporters have funded. In every community when the women sell their goods and get money the first thing they fund is sending their children to school. By contributing to a microcredit program you are in fact educating the entire community. For $70 a microcredit program can be funded for 1 woman in their village.

It is somewhat overwhelming how many orphans are impacted by our work. It is also very rewarding that everything that improves the community makes life better for many orphans.


The people of DR Congo wish to thank the many donors, including:

& all the generous donations of all items - they are so valued by the people of DR Congo.