We care

We support and empower the people of DR Congo

Who are MHCDASA?

We are a small group of volunteers based in Australia

We are passionate about the need to support the people of DR Congo, primarily through supporting the work of MHCD.

The Mission in Health Care and Development Australian Support Association or MHCDASA is an organisation dedicated to providing on-going assistance to the non-government organisation (NGO) Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) which is an officially listed charity in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

MHCDASA raises funds for the transport of containers, micro-credit programs, hospital buildings, surgical campaigns and community development. It was incorporated in January 2014 and is a listed charity with the ACNC, ABN 58307792455

— Our Mission

To give hope and build self-sufficiency in the community served by MHCD.

— Our Vision

To see MHCD communities flourishing, independent and empowered.

— Our Goals in Democratic Republic of Congo.

1. To support MHCD to build suitable infrastructure.
2. To resource MHCD to support the communities
3. To create safety and security in the community.

— Our Goals in Australia.

4. To be a conduit to introduce MHCD to likeminded organisations.
5. To work with MHCD to find secure long term financing.
6. Raise awareness within the Australian community of the integrity of MHCD and the needs of its communities.
7. To build resilience and sustainability in MHCDASA

The UN Development Index identified The Democratic Republic of Congo at 186 out of 187, the second most desperate country on our planet.

Why support MHCD?

MHCD works primarily on the eastern border of DR Congo where from 1996 – 2006 during the “African war” over 5 million people were killed. Many thousands of women were raped, all stock and food was taken or destroyed and communities were devastated.

MHCD provide health care, education, sustainable food and income, and empowerment of the women and communities. It also works to provide infrastructure in schools, health clinics, birthing huts, hospitals and street lighting for improved security. Through containers it provides humanitarian aid in clothes, shoes, blankets, Days 4 Girls packs and Birthing Kits.

Mission in Health Care and Development (MHCD) is a non-profit organisation based primarily in eastern DR Congo in Luvungi centre / Uvira, South Kivu Province, Goma in North Kivu Province and Lubumbashi in Katanga Province. It is also based in western DR Congo in Kinshasa rural in Kinshasa province, Bas Congo and Bandundu provinces. They also have branches in Bungoma Kenya and Burundi. It was founded by missionary Dr Luc Mulimbalimba Masururu on 12th January, 2005.

MHCD was founded out of Dr Luc’s compassion for the people of Kenya and in his home town of Luvungi in eastern DR Congo.  After working in Kenya and coming back to Luvungi in 2006 he was so touched by the plight of the desperately poor and disadvantaged people, particularly women and children, that he immediately committed to helping them by providing medical assistance. 

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