the mhcd founder

Dr Luc Mulimbalimba

Dr Luc founded the NGO Mission in Health Care and Development based primarily in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He received his medical degree in 2002 and is senior pastor for Spring Life Mission Centre. He is Medical Director of Luvungi Naturopathic Hospital as well as Uvira Hospital and Bethesda Medical Centre in Kinshasa rural region in Kinshasa Province.

In addition to his humanitarian and pastoral work, Dr Mulimbalimba is also the youngest member of the Congolese parliament for Uvira territory. Dr Mulimbalimba is a staunch promoter of basic development and primary health care. His work takes place in what was one of the most volatile and violent regions of the Congo. Risk and danger existed for all citizens and Dr Luc himself narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. Since 2013 when UN soldiers could for the first time protect the local people there has been relative peace along its borders. Dr Luc is eternally grateful to the Hon Julie Bishop MP, the Minister for Foreign Affairs for Australia for chairing the UN sub-committee that brought a resolution forward whereby UN soldiers, for the first time could now protect the people. As a result, within 6 months there was relative peace on the borders.

Dr Luc is married to Delice Marango Mulimbalimba and together have 5 children namely Andrew, Elizabeth, Elaine, Jean Luc and Suzanne Stella and live together in Kinshasa. Every year the family has two months of mission work to help vulnerable people in several villages and rural areas surrounding Luvungi Hospital.

Dr Mulimbalimba regularly tours Australia to raise awareness of his work for basic development and primary health care. He has visited the Australian Parliament on several occasions and met with a range of MPs. All his parliamentary exchanges have focused on building DR Congo-Australia parliamentary friendship, the reduction of poverty and the promotion of primary health and community development in the DRC. He instigated the DR Congo-Australia Parliamentary Friendship group and his productive interactions with Federal MPs in Australia have brought DR Congo onto the radar for the Australian department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)

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