Liberty Surgical Campaign

Mission in Health Care and Development started a medical campaign entitled the Liberty Surgical Campaign in 2015. They used the word liberty because patients were unable to do anything until a free-of-charge operation provided by MHCD liberated them so they could return to work and live happily with their families again. The campaign pays for qualified surgeons to come and work in MHCD’s Luvungi hospital for a month each year while they perform life-changing operations.

MHCD recruits doctors and specialists in various fields of surgery such as gynaecology, dentistry, ophthalmology and orthopedics from Kinshasa, the capital city of DRC. They also attract professors from Kinshasa University, the biggest University in DRC, to help them in Luvungi. The doctors’ food, accommodation and transport are covered by MHCD. They come with anesthetics and nurses trained to take care of patients in the various fields. Each year, if funds are available, a month is set aside for this campaign.

While there, seminars and practical sessions are held to teach the MHCD doctors and nurses how to deal with difficult cases. The patients also receive medicine and nursing care at the Hospital. Many doctors from other hospitals now come to Luvungi hospital as it is seen as a training facility.


campaign success

Over 600 operations

Making a difference

Patients suffering from cataracts and partial blindness have got their sight back.

Saving Lives

Prostate surgery in Bukavu costs almost US$1500, an amount far beyond poor families in Uvira. Living on less than a dollar a day many men succumb and die because they simply lack money for the operation. The Liberty Surgical Campaign is literally saving their lives.


With no dental surgeons in Uvira con-men have appeared masquerading as dentists. They do operations so badly that many patients have died. With proper dental surgery and care via the Liberty Surgical Campaign these people can return to normality.

Life changing

Operations for cleft palates and to remove goiters enable sufferers to re-enter society and get on with their lives.


Help us, help them

The cost for each patient is approximately $50. This includes consumable materials for theatre, medicine and nursing care.