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There are many ways YOU CAN HELP
Primarily we need funds to be able to carry out our many programs. You can make a one off or monthly donation to a project of your choice

OR You may wish to help by being a volunteer where you can:

You can organise a fundraising event. Complete our Volunteers Form

Containers are tangible proof for the Congolese people that there are Australians who care about them. The benefits go beyond the individual items.
Containers bring health resources for local clinics and the hospital such as vinyl covered hospital mattresses, medical resources, blankets, clean second hand clothes and shoes. Women who have never had a sanitary pad will finally have reusable, washable Days 4 Girls sanitary packs, sports clothes and shoes, computers for students at trade school, sewing machines for the tailoring school and to give the women who graduate, solar panels for power generation throughout the hospital and community, birthing kits for the birth attendants, school tables and chairs for the schools and clothes for the orphans plus writing books and pencils and so much more. 
Containers cost up to $13,000 to transport, however, one surgical operating table would cost $10,000 and one of our high quality is not able to be bought in DR Congo. It is a similar story to all the resources that are sent like hospital beds. 
Complete our volunteers form and we will contact you when next packing. Usually one container every 18 months.

  • School desks and chairs
  • Educational resources for primary and secondary school – writing and colouring books, French language and educational books, pens, pencils, textas, pencil cases, rulers, mathematical tools, paper writing pads, folders, back packs – anything of use at school. Maps, globes, geography resources, music books and instruments (recorders), blackboards and white boards, cupboards and book cases
  • Educational resources for the midwifery/nursing college, new university medical course, agriculture course and IT course. Any charts, demonstration models or educational tools. Folding university chairs and attached desk.
  • Clothes and shoes – good quality CLEAN second hand or new, from baby to adult. Sports clothes, shoes and equipment – all clean school and sports shoes. School uniforms in navy/royal blue skirts and pants and white shirts and tops for 4 – 18 year olds.
  • Any clean manchester second hand or new – especially queen size sheet sets, single bed sheets, new pillows and pillow slips, towels
  • Cleaning equipment – all cleaning agents, brooms, mops, buckets and cloths
  • Working sewing machines, electric and old pedal. Sewing machine needles, scissors, pins, tapes, fabric and haberdashery. Sewing bags
  • Suitable medical resources – hospital beds,  mattresses and pillows, operating theatre beds, sterilizers, instruments for all operations, storage and instrument trolleys, alcohol and  hand solutions and dispensers, betadine, Dettol, saline, vaseline, all bandages, soap, towels, plaster of Paris and mesh, disinfectants, antiseptic solutions and creams, analgesic  tablets creams and sprays, sutures, gauze, local anaesthetic syringes with disposable carpules and needles.  Other than prescription drugs ANY goods found at a pharmacy
  • Office equipment and resources – files
  • Second hand working mobile phones and chargers
  • Tools – all functional, oiled and sharpened. Carpentary tools, mechanics tools, boilermaker tools, welding tools
  • Solar panels – used and new
  • Water purifiers – home and business to give RO water for sterilizers
  • Electrical and plumbing supplies and tools
  • Floor coverings in Vinyls and tiles. Tile cutters, adhesives and grout


  1. Help provide storage for container goods  – at a clean location within 20 minutes of the city
  2. Organise a free container that can be used at the destination for storage
  • Sew uniforms and clothes for the students and orphans – ages 1 – 18
  • Sew face masks
  • Make over the shoulder carry bags for the students
  • Sew blankets from polar fleece or quilted fabrics
  • Knit caps and jumpers for babies and children
  • Crochet blankets for babies
  • Join a local sewing group making Days4Girls reusable sanitary packs
  • Sew or knit small toys like a teddy bear for the orphans
  • Share our annual report and strategic plan with friends and business acquaintances
  • Encourage others to support our work

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Make suggestions as to how we can improve our processes.